Friday, September 28, 2007

Autumn Kamakura Visit 08 Sept. 07

Embukai group photo. Takeda Shihan 8th dan seated right of preist

Early this year I was asked if I would like to visit Kamakura for the Autumn activity at Hachimungu shrine for Godegeiko and Embukai. I would normaly attend the May activity to incorporate the Doshu UESHIBA seminar and dinner afterwards. In any case I wanted also to visit Japan at an other time of year, so I decided on this Autumn visit.

With me on this occasion was Shane TeAho one of my recent shodan members. It is the policy that all sho dan members connected to A.K.I. Fudoshin Dojo visit Kamakura as part of their dan promotion. We flew into Narita accompanied by an escalating typhoon. By the time we arrived into Ofuna station, two and a half hours later it was ferocious. After two days of wind and rain it abated, the sun came out and the weather from that time on till the time I departed Japan remained clear although unbearably humid.

Training with Takeda Yoshinobu Shihan has taken us again to new dimensions. I won't speak of the training with any explanation, only that Sensei's Aikido has moved further away from the physical. I could say it flirts with the term " Kami waza ." The Ukemi and sense of awareness this training touches on has to greatly benefit ones perceptions given to interpreting and understanding the subtle message specific to the individual listener. There is an air of clarity within the soul after coming down and ingesting the sensations from one of his classes. Something other than the mind is filled with wonderful light and the sense of joy and inspiration remains within for some time after. Its as if you have personally discovered an area of pristine wilderness that no one else has experienced, its that personal........... be continued...

A.K.I. Fudoshin Dojo Australia, Embukai Demonstration.

Over the years Aikido members related to AKI Fudoshin dojo Australia have contributed to the Hachimungu activities with their participation and enthusiasm. This commitment to supporting our aikido network and mentor Takeda Yoshinobu shihan has not gone unnoticed. At any given time in the past and present, students from Fudoshin dojo have lived in proximity to Kamakura and or visited Japan regularly. They have always managed to coordinate their time in order to practice Aikido intensely with Takeda Shihan. To be able to introduce members so they may be touched by Aikido is a joyous experience for any teacher. I have felt over the years much joy from the members connected through our Fudoshin dojo and I appreciate their efforts and commitment to bettering themselves.

At this Autumn embukai I was most fortunate to have as participants Mr Shane Te Aho and Mr Bruce Scott pictured in photos below. We were honoured by being given a freetime segment, that is to allow our demonstration to continue at will, without the customery three miniute limit before being stoped by the sound of the Drum.
Shane was in Japan for his introductory visit after recently receiving his sho dan grade and Bruce is now living, working and training Aikido at both Higashi Totsuka and Ofuna dojo's in and around Kamakura and never far from Hachimungu Shrine....

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Jory-san said...

hi. i'm a fellow AKIer here in Japan. nice entry and followup on the enbukai. take care and be safe.